Top 4 Benefits Of Owning A Grinder?

Top 4 Benefits Of Owning A Grinder?

As enthusiasts, we have all seen grinders and have maybe even thought about purchasing one ourselves, but how well do you know the benefits of owning a grinder? OTTO is no grinder, as the milling techniques goes above & beyond the average grinder. Sure, grinders make it easier to grind the new tangerine dream strain, but did you know it can also save you money?  We put together the top reasons for owning a OTTO or any other grinder.

  1. Smoother Cone Draw: Cones rolled with finely ground herb will puff much easier than a cone that has gaps in between the herbs from poorly picking it apart.
  2. It’ll Save You Money: Grinders have been known to increase the level of potency by activating the keif, which will immediately translate into cost savings. 
  3. You’ll Get Bigger and Denser Bowls: Some users swear that uncut herbs give them a much more potent hit and denser feel, those that grind their material swear that they will never go back. When you grind or mill material, you pack a bigger and denser bowl with much more control and less waste.
  4. You’ll Get A Larger Surface Area: By milling your material, you increase the surface area of the cannabis you have in your bowl, cone, or any other device. The ground material gives you a much cleaner and more potent burn that is also much easier to draw too.

Grinders are an essential piece to any true enthusiast. While some users may hesitate at the upfront cost, the regular consumer will immediately find the investment in a revolutionary device like the OTTO.

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