Meet Our March 2023 Banana Bud: @KillaCamWCC

Meet Our March 2023 Banana Bud: @KillaCamWCC


It is with EXTREME excitement that we announce this month's banana bud, @KillaCamWCC.


Wandering the West Coast, if you were to catch this Meme loving thrill seeker riding about... you just might see something spectacular! His passion and devotion to his craft shine brightly, as he can be seen demonstrating some of the most daring motorcycle acts daily! His dedication and the time he has invested to hone his skills is without a doubt inspirational and why we are honored to have him as this month's banana bud!


Everybody falls and some falls are definitely more painful than others. But it is our ability to pick ourselves up and press forward that makes us truly amazing beings. The ability to display such talents is proof that dedication can make what may seem impossible at first, possible!


So please take a moment to checkout @KillaCamWCC who has been Serving up Stunts on IG since 2015.


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