This is Bananas

Hi, we’re the banana bros.

Our mission? We make it easy… to take it easy!

We’ve gathered with a common goal. It shouldn’t be hard to take it easy! We believe life is already too complicated, you shouldn’t have to work to relax. Pistachio nuts? Way too much work to get through that shell, no thanks. That’s why at banana bros., we are working hard inventing products with a singular focus. We make it easy… to take it easy.

So who are the banana bros? The whole team behind banana bros have been creating industry changing products for years. Together and as individuals, they have built some of the world’s most popular consumer electronic brands. Most recently, building highly innovative brands, Magic Bullet, Nutri-Bullet and InStyler, which have become global market leaders in their categories. Combined they’ve sold over 5 billion dollars of products in the last 10 years alone and have developed a keen expertise in the development and manufacture of personal electronics and breakthrough consumer products.

The founders and primary innovation leaders are:

  • Dave Richmond - CEO

    Dave Richmond is our fearless leader, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer. Dave holds dozens of patents and has been behind a lifetime of innovative, award winning and game changing inventions like the Sonic Blade, the Rotating Hot Air Brush and, the global best-selling hair styling tool, the InStyler.

  • Manny Montano – Director of Innovation

    Manny has designed and created movie props and licensed toys for some of Hollywood’s hottest properties including; 5th Element, Micro Machines, Ninja Turtle Action Figures, the first Harry Potter Collector line of figurines and products, and the Star Trek Next Gen and Deep Space 9 toys and action figures, and now he’s all ours.

  • Mick Hastie - Creative Director

    The man, the myth, the legend. If you own a television, then you’ve seen the incomparable Mick Hastie on it. What many don’t know, is that Mick is also the brains behind designing and perfecting most of those time saving, effort reducing, life improving products, including the Magic Bullet and Nutri-Bullet brands. If it’s made your life easier in the past 20 years, there’s a chance Mick Hastie had something to do with it.

  • Karl Russ - COO

    Karl Russ retired from a VERY cushy job with a little company called Procter & Gamble in order to join our merry band. Karl had the honor to lead the innovation programs on some of the best known and most trusted brands in the consumer products industry, including Tide, Bounce, Pantene, Downy, and CoverGirl, among others. While Karl’s proudest achievements are his awesome family, we want to brag a little about some other things he’s done, like lead the creation and development one of our favorite products ever…Febreze. So, if you ever have to cover up a tell-tale odor, thank Karl.

  • Mark Levine CMO

    Mark has played many roles over his illustrious career including the marketing wizard behind the wildly successful ScalpMed and InStyler Brands. Of course his greatest achievement is fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a hand puppet.

We’re the banana bros. We make it easy… to take it easy.


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