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rave reviews

This is the best little gadget you can buy. Easy to use, clean and it works every time. Suggest you get yourself one.

I have arthritis and this makes the whole process so much easier and faster. It charges quickly and lasts a long time.

"I have tried a few other cones. These are the best. They easily fit in my OTTO and make the whole process easy."

"This is so easy to use. Put your flower in the top, your cone in the bottom, press the button and in a few seconds you are ready to go. Easy peasy." 

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    Never worry about running out of cones again


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PREMIUM PRE-ROLLED CONES: banana bros. cones are specifically designed for optimal performance with OTTO.

CONVENIENT: These cones come pre-rolled for your convenience. You never have to worry about hand rolling again, just fill the cone and enjoy.

NATURAL QUALITY: The premium cones are created from 100% natural high quality raw unbleached fiber. They are GMO-free, chlorine free, vegan-friendly and naturally clean.

SLOW BURN: Each cone is hand-rolled to ensure the ultimate experience with a smooth, slow, even burn from top to bottom.

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