banana bros. cones

banana bros. cones

Whether you're an experienced, social, or casual smoker banana bros. has cones that work best with your needs.

Some of the best reasons to choose a banana bros.cone includes: 

  • PREMIUM PRE-ROLLED CONES: banana bros. premium pre-rolled paper are specifically designed for optimal performance with OTTO.

  • CONVENIENT: These cones come pre-rolled for your convenience. You never have to worry about hand rolling again, just fill the cone and enjoy.

  • NATURAL QUALITY: The premium cones are created from 100% natural high quality raw unbleached fiber. They are GMO-free, chlorine free, vegan-friendly and naturally clean.

  • SLOW BURN: Each cone is hand-rolled to ensure the ultimate experience with a smooth, slow, even burn from top to bottom.

King Cones

banana bros. King Cones
Our King Cones hold about 1g of material and are best for consumers who are experienced, looking to share, or enjoying a larger social smoking sesh. 
King Cones: 
*110mm long
*Holds 1g of product
*Fits all OTTO models (with adapter base)
*Available in 120 ct & 240 ct

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Shorty Cones

banana bros. Shorty Cones

Need something a little smaller? Our Shorty Cones hold about .5g of material and are best for the casual consumer or those just chilling solo. 

Shorty Cones:
*Holds .5g of product
*100% Natural, unbleached fiber
*Fits all OTTO models (with adapter base)
*Available in 150 ct & 300 ct

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