California Consumer Privacy Act: Do Not Sell My Personal Information (Deletion Request)

Please read the information below and complete the webform to request that we delete your personal information. (As discussed below, we do not “sell” your personal information.)

At this time, we are only able to process requests form California residents.

Deletion of Personal Information Held or Controlled by Banana Bros: Banana Bros values your privacy. It is important to understand that we do not “sell” any personal information to third parties in the traditional sense – that is, we do not exchange anyone’s personal information with third parties for money. However, we do allow entities to place cookies on our websites and mobile applications to collect information about your interaction with our websites and applications, including whether you make a purchase of one of our products on a different website. This collection of information may be regarded as a “Sale” under the broad definition of “sale” under the CCPA, and you may opt out of such sharing or "sales" by completing the form below and requesting that Banana Bros delete your personal information. To more broadly opt-out of targeted advertising (i.e., not just Banana Bros), you may want to submit request and

Our Privacy Practices: For general information about how we handle personal information of California residents and a description of all of your rights under the CCPA, please visit our Privacy Policy and the section on California privacy rights here.

Agents: If you are an agent submitting a deletion request, please complete the form below, print out a copy, and email the form along with your power of attorney or notarized authorization from the consumer to us at We may contact the consumer to verify your authority and/or to authenticate the consumer.

Questions: If you have questions about this webform or your rights, please contact us at