bananabros automatic grinder

Banana Bros.

This 4/20, take more time enjoying the activities you love while you let OTTO by banana bros. mill and fill while you chill! With its sleek and lightweight design, OTTO is perfect for travel or home. Mill your favorite material directly into any King-Sized Cone or into the bowl of your favorite Vaporizer or Glassware at the touch of a button, all while preserving the taste and freshness of your flower!


hemper box giveaway


Rather than running around town collecting everything you need this 4/20, why don’t you treat yourself and have one of Hemper’s many subscription boxes delivered right to your front door? No matter how you choose to run your rotation and celebrate your sesh, with their wide selection of top brand products, Hemper not only makes it easy for everyone to find the items they need… but also have them delivered to the comfort of your own home!


revelry supply


 Revelry makes it easier for you to travel in style this April! With a wide selection of different styles and designs, Revelry makes it easy for you to combine the products you like while choosing from a selection of different prints that you are sure to love! Their Carbon Filter System makes sure all of their bags are Odor Absorbing and their Waterproof Zipper along with their Rubber-Backed Exterior assist in keeping these bags Water Resistant and your possessions safe!


storz & bickel


What better time to treat yourself with a brand new vaporizer then this 4/20 holiday! To celebrate the month of April, Storz & Bickel make it easier for you to take your vaporization experience to the next level! Whether you’re using the Plenty, Crafty+, Mighty or their iconic Volcano… You will be sure to taste and feel the difference! Built to last, their high quality materials and craftsmanship are just a few of the many reasons why the Volcano has remained at the top of it’s class for over 20 years!



Say goodbye to crushed cones! With the PAQ case you will never have to worry about your prerolls getting damaged or bent. Odor resistant, Gasket Seal to prevent water damage, Humidity Control as well as a Separate RoachCoach to store your unfinished prerolls. Designed from 100% recyclable PP plastics as well as reclaimed ocean plastics, it is no surprise that PAQcase has been one of the top leading ECO friendly products on the market… helping to remove over 14,000 + of plastic from our ocean! So travel with ease and rest assure that once you reach your destination, you can start your sesh as scheduled!

Step into eco-friendly style! 4/20 is definitely your feel good holiday, so Liberty Clothing wants to help you look good too! With their wide range of styles, colors and designs… you will be sure to find something you love! Liberty Clothing offers some of the highest quality hemp attire around and now they offer masks too! So join Liberty in helping reduce carbon footprints as well as reducing their overall environmental impact using the healing power of hemp!