What Is The Difference Between Milling and Grinding?

What Is The Difference Between Milling and Grinding?

What Is The Difference Between Milling and Grinding?

Breaking down bud to smoke or infuse in an edible is an essential part of every toke sesh. Most people use a grinder, or something called a grinder which is, in fact, not a grinder at all.

Let’s explain some of that for you.

Most “grinders” that are used for reducing “buds” down to smaller particles are, in fact, not grinders at all, even if they’re sold as “Electric Grinders.” They are compression shredders (we’ll get to that in a minute). “Milling,” the process OTTO utilizes, opposed to grinding or compression shredding, is a finer approach to cutting material - little by little - instead of chopping or shredding.

What Is A Compression Shredder?

Compression shredders compress material down, flattening fine crystals and other physical and chemical structures that are beneficial to enjoying banana bros. Premium Cones. The compressed material will then be chaotically shredded into smaller pieces. This haphazard processing will cause greater charring of smaller, over-refined material and lead to a less than ideal smoking experience and effect. This is the reason why “cherry” tips continue to burn even after there is no draw on the lit material.


What is (Smart) Milling?

Smart milling, the process we utilized when creating the OG OTTO, cuts up material one layer at a time - so your product is never compressed. The milling process preserves the incredible structures and bold flavors your quality material has to offer. With calculated, careful, electric milling, the particle size of your product is more consistent, creating more continuity in packing/rolling, allowing a slow and even burn. Thanks to OTTO’s pressure-sensitive electric milling and filling, airflow is evened out as air pressure travels between precision cut material and your draws are smoother, cleaner, and tastier.


Does OTTO Mill or Grind?

OTTO makes it easy to take it easy. Our patented mill & fill device does more than just mill, it’s the first and only patented Smart Milling machine that has an expandable chamber!

After filling and closing your OTTO, the spring-loaded lower plate descends into the OTTO, avoiding unwanted compression on the material. Your product can be in many conditions: wet, dry, airy, or dense. The battery operated OTTO detects your material’s condition and adjust milling accordingly, calculating the perfect pressure for the blades within milliseconds. Once activated, the top blades MILL down through the material a layer at a time thanks to the motor and logic board that runs OTTO’s smart milling program so it never over mills or jams.

Ready To Get Started Milling Your Own Product?

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