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Metallic Purple OTTO w/Carrying Case

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Meet the Metallic Purple OTTO: the world’s first and only Automatic Cone Rolling Machine with a cause. This Limited Edition OTTO color way is in collaboration with Triumph Foundation ( $50 of each Purple OTTO sold goes directly to The Triumph Foundation to help people with physical disabilities triumph over paralysis. 

The Metallic Purple OTTO comes with our custom carrying case and is available exclusively at

OTTO’s patented AI milling system analyzes your material and automatically adjusts the direction, speed, and pressure of it’s precision-engineered milling blades to create the perfect grind every time. Regular grinders compress and shred your material. OTTO mills your material in its expandable chamber, cutting it one layer at a time, to preserve the quality and structure of your material. Once milled to perfection, OTTO ensures the material passes neatly and evenly into the cone with full retention of leaf, oil and kief, delivering you a superior consumption experience.


Instruction Guide

Metallic Purple OTTO Includes:
  • OTTO
  • O-Tube

    The O Tube connects magnetically to the bottom of OTTO. It is perfect for holding a sachet/paper cone for filling with your favorite material.

  • Carrying Case
  • Free Cone Starter Pack
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Accessory box (Measuring Cup, Adapter Base, Fresh Seal Tube, 4-in-1 Tool, Snap Cap, Micro USB Charging Cord, Shorty Adapter Base)

    Fresh Seal Tube: Take your sachet/paper cone with you. Keep material fresh and control odor.

    4-in-1 Tool: (1) Use to brush, (2) open sachet/paper cones, (3) tamp and (4) extract. Use bristles to brush OTTO’s teeth. The pointed end has 3 uses: open wrinkled cones, tamp material into cone for tighter pack and extract material during cleaning.

    Snap Cap: The Snap Cap attaches magnetically to OTTO when OTTO is not in use. This ensures loose material is kept neatly inside perfect for taking OTTO on-the-go.

The Limited Edition
Metallic Purple OTTO



The Metallic Purple OTTO brings the same powerful milling technology for an amazing cause. Support the Triumph Foundation ( in their mission of helping people Triumph over paralysis with every OTTO Purple purchase.


Making a cone takes time, it can be messy, and it doesn't always come out exactly right. OTTO Purple quickly produces perfect high quality cones in a matter of seconds